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Treaty Investors (E-2)

What is a Treaty Investor?
This type of visa is available to citizens of countries with which the U.S. maintains treaties of commerce and navigation. E-2 visas allow Canadian and other treaty country citizens to invest in and manage a business in the U.S.  A substantial investment ensures the investor’s financial commitment to the enterprise, is of a magnitude that ensures the investor’s successful development and direction, and of a sufficient proportion relative to the cost of establishing or purchasing the enterprise.

E-2 visas are non-immigrant, temporary visas, which permit the investor to live and work for their company in the U.S. for the duration of the visa period.  Spouses and children of E-2 visa holders may be eligible for dependent visas, which allow spouses to apply for U.S. employment authorization and children to attend school.  

 Nick Berning has worked with E-2 Investors throughout his career.  He and the team at Boundary Bay Law have the background and experience necessary to facilitate sucessful outcomes for E-2 Investors.  
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